Playbook Action: Assign Case to Current User

Playbook Action: Assign Case to Current User

Instead of analysts having to click "Assign to me" for each case they triage, I'd like for us to have the ability to use the "Assign Case" action to whoever the Current User is.

This is similar to but not quite the same as this request:

So, for example, if we have a MultiChoiceQuestion or Instruction that an analyst interacts with, we'd like to be able to have the next step be to Assign Case to @CurrentUser.

Currently we require our tier 1 analysts to manually click "Assign to me" when they begin to triage a case, but if we could automate this it would make it easier to ensure that this is done (and to therefore have more accurate reporting).

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  • Daniel HarveyDaniel Harvey Siemplify Champion

    Definitely agreed, any small tasks that can be automated like this is a win.

    I’d also add we have playbook actions that are dependent on getting the current assigned username, and passing that to other systems (update/add comment to SIEM, EDR, Ticketing platform) and in some scenarios if the case is not assigned, it breaks the action because it’s expecting a username, not a role. Having that accurate accountability between systems is in some use cases, required.

  • Cyrus RobinsonCyrus Robinson Siemplify Champion

    Thanks for the co-sign @Daniel Harvey. Glad to see that this has been added to the product roadmap!

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