Integration available in the marketplace Integration available in the marketplace

Hi Community

It is incredibly rewarding for us when we can share with you new integrations available in the marketplace that have been developed by community members.

Now is one of those moments.

So welcome integration into the marketplace.

A bit about the integration is augmenting SOC analysts’ decisions on top of existing SOC tools (SIEM, SOAR, etc) solving the FATIGUE and CAPACITY problems in cybersecurity. 

It integrates with Siemplify SOAR and Google Chronicle natively and uses AI to mimic the human decision-making process learning from the playbook data using NLP (Natural language Processing), deep learning and continuous feedback loop for adapting to the specifics of the team and context, no code.

SOC teams using on top of Siemplify SOAR, benefit from simplified and more adaptable playbooks for addressing today's and tomorrow’s attack volumes.

You can check it out by visiting your marketplace.

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