Interested resources for Google SecOps

Interested resources for Google SecOps

Hi Google SecOps community! My name is Chris Bentley and I’m a SOC analyst at a healthcare company in Chicagoland.
I’m new to Chronicle | Siemplify and looking forward to sharing knowledge, especially with Splunk users.
I’m interested resources for Google SecOps along the lines of SplunkAnswers, gosplunk, etc. Please share Chronicle |Siemplify community sites you may know. thx


  • ShakedTalShakedTal Community Team

    Welcome to the SecOps community @Chris_Bentley ! It’s great to have you with us

  • So far I’ve found the following links which seem helpful so far:

  • nice info and thanks Chris .. its really help for me (new experience for hands on chronicle)

  • TomFridmanTomFridman Community Team

    This comment was originally sent by Tom Fridman
    Hi @Chris_Bentley
    So happy you have joined us.
    I see you have most of our links already in your list. let me know if you are looking for something specific and we will try to help.

  • Cyrus RobinsonCyrus Robinson Siemplify Champion

    Howdy, @Chris_Bentley . Looks like you've got all of the links that I might have shared and then some, but welcome!

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