Crisis management with SOAR

Crisis management with SOAR

Jenya ShvetsovJenya Shvetsov Community Team

It's one thing to experience a security incident but arguably more vital than preventing threats is avoiding a botched response.

Of course, that begins in the SOC, but it also extends to other parts of the business, including PR, HR, legal, IT and C-Suite.

Dealing with real threats in a timely manner is the hardest thing to do for a SOC. You may find yourself scrambling to identify key stakeholders, develop both tactical and strategic plans, and hardest of all, keep track of all the simultaneous actions happening. In the response confusion, conflicting messages and redundant work is not uncommon, making a bad situation worse.

But if you're able to consolidate tactical and strategic plans across your organization in one secure location to streamline processes and eliminate all the confusion, frustration and missteps that can occur, you have a far higher likelihood to repel and recover from the active incident.

What are the tactics you implement to be prepared for a crisis and which one do you think the Siemplify WarRoom should help with? Share your war stories and how our technology can assist!


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