Playbooks that will be triggered by time

Playbooks that will be triggered by time

I thought it would bring great value if Siemplify will have a module\playbook that will automatically run on different threat intel sites once a day for example and extract threat intelligence from intelligence sources.

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  • Szymon KozickiSzymon Kozicki Siemplify Champion

    extract and? store on siemplify server? Use it immediately for i.e. threat hunting playbook?

    I guess that could be done by a job.

  • Jenya ShvetsovJenya Shvetsov Community Team

    Yea it can be done with a job. Maybe it would be a good idea to allow running integrations directly from the job and even allow creating alerts with playbooks attached to them to initiate a process based on findings.

  • I too think running playbooks as a job would be a good enhancement.

    Because as far as I know, all jobs are code, so for people who don't know how to code their own jobs, this could help a lot :)

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