Entity Properties Manual Cases

Entity Properties Manual Cases

It would be great if when a manual case is created and a new entity is to be added, the user would have the possibility to establish the stop date and time, if that entity is of origin, of destination, if it is external or not, in order to adjust a manual case as much as possible to reality.

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  • Tom ShilanskyTom Shilansky Product Team

    Hi @Estefany Sandoval , thank you for your feedback.

    Can you please elaborate on the use case that you are trying to achieve?

    For example - are you looking to view the relations in the explore screen? Are you trying to work with scopes in the playbooks module? Since our platform is built from multiple modules I want to make sure we understand your requirement.

  • Estefany SandovalEstefany Sandoval Siemplify Champion

    Hi Tom!! Sorry for the late in the reponse. My suggest is focused on the cases module (showed in the follow image), when we need to create a new manual case we can include some types of entities like IP adrress, hash , etc but we don´t have posibilities that includo some aditional information about that like if for example the entity correspond a IP origin or destination or to include information about start and stop time for the alert. 

    Please let me know if you need some aditional information.

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