Case queue panels highlighted + SLA

Case queue panels highlighted + SLA

Currently the SLA 'milestones' (when passed) are presented by an hourglass icon (orange->red).

The idea is to have the whole case panel colored in the case queue.


SLA critical period is set to 15 minutes, SLA period is 120 minutes.

When the alert is unassigned for 12 minutes, the case panel starts getting orange (light) and progressively until 15 minutes when the panel is fully orange. Similar situation with another SLA milestone -> around 100 minutes of 'unassignment' it starts getting red until minute 120th.

This would help analysts with visibility into overlooked cases (reasons are various). I am almost certain that time to react (TTR) is a KPI not only in my SOC.

SLA also could be a part of the notification capability - but that's maybe for a different idea post.

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